For over 50 years, Gault&Millau has been the media reference for spreading gastronomic excellence around the world.

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Our mission statement

& recommend

To offer our community of epicurean readers the guarantee of discovering, through our selections and recommendations, the best of what the professionals of the restaurant, hospitality and food trades have to offer.

& auditing

Through its expertise, Gault&Millau is an essential reference, a guarantee for professionals and amateurs alike. Our expertise and know-how have led us to the auditing profession in order to label all types of establishments related to catering and hospitality , and to label and recommend the best products.

& accompanying

To discover, highlight and promote talent; to accompany chefs towards ever greater excellence and to create fair and benevolent links with a community of chefs and players in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

A message from our president

2024 What’s new!

After 2 years of working with committed teams, we have managed to put Gault & Millau back in its proper place.

“The leading media for gastronomy and hospitality”

Both in France and internationally, Gault & Millau is outstandingly present and praised for its development…

Patrick Hayoun

President and CEO

The gourmet expert since 1972


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Our history

At the beginning of the 1960s, Henri Gault a recognized journalist for the Paris-Presse newspaper found himself responsible for a weekly column called ‘Week-end get aways’. Christian Millau who was editor in chief would review the weekly escapades written by he who would become his favorite gastronomic companion. The tone was often bold, their choices divisive (iconoclastic) and immediately successful. The pair personify the new expectations and values that embody the moment. An idea was sown in the mind of Christian Bourgois who was the literary director at Julliard at the time, a guide that promotes a new take on gastronomy, written in a modern reporting style that would promote restaurants in the capital but also boutiques, artisans, wine merchants, boutique hotels and mini breaks. At the end of the decade the duo earn the right to break out and develop independently a national magazine, the Nouveau Guide. The start of a success story that we all know today, that of the Guide Jaune (Yellow Guide)….

Gault&Millau first guide edition
The first appearance of Gault&Millau guide for France, making its mark on the gastronomic landscape. Henri Gault and Christian Millau maintain their independence and pay for their meals and grade restaurants without taking into consideration the other critics and commentators. Their evaluation is not based on the wealth of the surroundings or the crockery, it’s the flavors, presentation and the imagination displayed by the chefs that takes centre stage. Over the years, the readers learn about new talents through them. The pair discover the likes of Alain Senderens, Alain Ducasse, Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy, Marc Veyrat, Pierre Gagnaire, Michel Rostang … The pioneering efforts to uncover new talent by Gault&Millau shocked the French gastronomic scene and contributed to the invention of a new way of life.
"Nouvelle Cuisine" definition
The "Nouvelle cuisine" was born. If it was this two journalists who invented the consecrated expression in an article- manifesto, it is indeed the chefs themselves who are mobilizing to overturn the rules. Young chefs - between 30 and 40 years old - who wants to modernize the gastronomic scene and meet the new aspirations of customers. In a founding article, published in 1973, Henri Gault and Christian Millau defined the 10 commandments of "new cuisine". The contours of a new gastronomy were defined. The contours of a new gastronomy are defined.

The 10 commandments of the "Nouvelle Cuisine"
1. Do not overcook
2. You will use only high quality, fresh products
3. You will simplify your menu
4. You will not be resolutely modernist
5. You will strive to learn from new techniques
6. You will avoid marinating, aging, fermenting etc
7. You will eliminate rich sauces.
8. You won’t ignore nutrition
9. You won’t fake your presentations
10. You will be inventive
First special wine edition
During the wine harvest Christian Millau brought his gastronomic columnists to a vineyard in order to promote French wines. This lead to a special magazine edition published in September 1978, it cost 5 francs with headlines such as ‘The crazy Parisian restaurant price dance’ and ‘All about wine in 80 pages and the 500 addresses of the true connoisseur’! This became a standard operating model, since then all lifestyle and news magazines have special editions.
First international licence
The first international licence agreement

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