Germany: 2022 list of best restaurants revealed

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Gault&Millau names Germany’s best restaurants 2022 – and Dylan Watson-Brawn named Chef of the Year


During an exclusive event at Berlin’s Rutz restaurant, the country’s best culinary addresses were honoured today.


More than 1,000 recommendations across the country on over 800 pages: With its release today, Gault & Millau 2022 presents the best restaurants in Germany, many more excellent addresses for exciting culinary life and around 100 new entries. “The gastronomic landscape in Germany is thriving and flourishing, evolving, increasing in diversity and quality despite all the crises”, says editor-in-chief Dr. Christoph Wirtz.

In 2022, for the first time with the new publisher Henris Edition, the Gault&Millau will guide you through quality gastronomy in Germany as an independent, critical guide and, in addition to the country’s best restaurants, will also present a wide range of excellent recommendations with a Gault&Millau toque that reliably enriches everyday culinary life: favourite addresses – from small bistros to traditional country inns, from simple Osteria to no-frills DimSumBude everyday cooking.

The Chef of the Year 2022 is Dylan Watson-Brawn, whose restaurant “ernst” in Berlin in its fifth year of existence has found in the opinion of the editors a maturity of craftsmanship and concept, an individuality that is always thought through, which is extremely rare not only in this country: “The emphasis is on micro-seasonality, Japanese techniques and taste images, uncompromising care of the quality of the products, reduced aesthetics and constant dynamics. Dylan Watson-BrawnsThe cuisine is watercolour delicate and at the same time substantial, with revolutionary independence and technical sovereignty. He has what is still a rarity in high-end cooking: a clear and unmistakable vision.

The editors have named Hermann Bareiss, whose restaurant “Bareiss” in the Baiersbronn Mitteltalwhich opened its doors in 1982 – exactly forty years ago – is a place “to celebrate great classical gastronomy at a continuously high level”, like few others.


Other awards in the guide go to :

Eric Huber (Erno’s Bistro, Frankfurt) as Host of the Year

Viktor Gerhardinger (Tian, Munich) as Rising Star of the Year Corps

Adrian Kuhlemann (Kuhlemann, Neustadt/Waldnaab) as Discovery of the Year

Christophe Meyer (Le Pavillon, Bad PeterstalGriesbach) as Sommelier of the Year

Larissa Metz (Favourite Restaurant, Mainz) as Pastry Chef of the Year

In addition, Gault&Millau has selected a “Producer of the Year” for the first time this year: the raw milk hard cheese maturer Thomas Breckle (“Jamei Laibspeis”) from Kempten in the Allgäu.

Gault&Millau is significantly changing the rating of its restaurants by refraining from awarding points in future: “We are of the opinion that school marks are not really suitable for assessing matters of culture – and this undoubtedly includes gastronomy – and that the scientific measurability, the unambiguity they signal, is problematic in many respects,” explain the editors. With the system of “toques” – the classic chef’s hat – the guide has always had a tried and tested classification system, which differentiates the broad spectrum of our gastronomy from the best restaurants in the world to excellent recommendations. In future, outstanding restaurants in their category will also be colour-coded – highlighting them in red.

New in the group of restaurants in Germany with five toques: The restaurant “Haerlin” in Hamburg and the restaurant “Schanz” in Piesport.

Awarded five red toques for the first time, the restaurant “Vendôme” in Bergisch Gladbach, “Victor’s FINE DINING by Christian Bau” in Perl and the “Waldhotel Sonnora” form the top three of the best German gastronomy according to the gault & Millau testers.

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